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New generation sparkling drinks with extra benefits

About us
In 20'-21' Swiss company GreenME SA created innovative sparkling drinks GreenMe+. These drinks respond to the challenges of the changing world
We realized that the world has changed: people are more mindful about their health and conscious consumption. Yet, we are also aware of how difficult it can be to change one’s habits
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New generation sparkling drinks with extra health benefits

Stress control
Immunity Protect
About the drink
Conscious consumption
Recyclable aluminum can

Aluminum can prevents penetration of sunlight and oxygen, thus it is the best protection for active ingredients of the drink


The convenient small can size is optimal for the majority of consumers. It is easy to drink it in one go or take it with you. Drink in one go or take it to go

Aluminum is the most recyclable material in the world and has an endless resource for secondary use
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About us
Innovative sparkling drinks GreenMe+ were created by Swiss company GreenMe SA in 2020−2021. These drinks response to the challenges of changing world.

Today delicious sparkling drinks are no longer enough for people. What is more important now is the combination of excellent taste and extra health benefits.

GreenMe+Immunity Protect and GreenMe+Stress Control became leaders in the Russian market for new generation sparkling drinks. These drinks renovated this market and offered people an opportunity to effortlessly move towards conscious consumption.

Thanks to its composition of carefully selected, quantitatively verified active vitamins and microelements, GreenMe+ drinks became a great opportunity for people to enjoy refreshing sparkling water with extra health benefits.
Delicious sparkling drink with citrus flavour contains Vitamin C and Zinc ZN that boost the immune system
Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant
Zinc helps immune system fight viruses
Per 330 ml
Per 100 ml
Vitamin C
18,2 mg
60 mg (100%)*
Zinc ZN
4,55 mg
15 mg (100%)*
Natural Caffeine
17 mg
56,1 mg
*% Daily Value
Delicious sparkling drink with berry flavour contains Vitamin B6, B9, Magnesium and L-theanin that help to resist stress
Vitamin B6 helps to reduce anxiety
Magnesium Mg increases the ability of nervous system to resist stress
Per 330 ml
Per 100 ml
60,6 mg
200 mg (50%)*
Vitamin B6
0,30 mg
1 mg (50%)*
Vitamin B9
30,3 mg
100 mg (50%)*
*% Daily Value
Vitamin B9 promotes nerve cell regeneration
L-theanin increases dopamine production which influences good mood
30 mg
250 mg
don’t only dream of a better world but we found a solution to do it and we are actively working on it

came up with a great idea how to systematically and happily change your lifestyle to a healthier one

realised that world has changed: people are thinking more about their health and conscious consumption. But we also realise how difficult it is to change our habits

sincerely believe that our sparkling drinks of the new generation will help people to improve their lives, bring benefits and make the world a little better

reloaded the segment of sparkling drinks adding healthy benefits to it
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